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Is this how you did the

Is this how you did the Flukem emulator?  Could you do a video on how you built the Flukem, an overview of the steps needed to do something like this?



 The FlukeEm was a whole

 The FlukeEm was a whole separate beast. :)  It's all emulation. So basically I just looked at the schematics in the FLuke 9010A service mahual, grabbed an Z80 emulator core (RAZE in this case) and started stitching things together. I'm  fluent in OpenGL so I used that to whip up a graphics display to mimic the actual Fluke. 

 I hope you have plans to do

 I hope you have plans to do a write up on the details, or a tutorial on how this is done.  I know it is not easy but i would love to see emulation of more equipment like this along with some kind of universal I/O system. This way we could bring up the software on the computer and have a box linked to the computer with test leads and a 96 pin digital I/O and what ever else is needed to carry out the tests. Kind of like the National Instruments stuff but with emulation of all of the unique gear that isn't sold any more. Probably too much to hope for.

Thank you


 Is there any kind of devise

 Is there any kind of devise that manufactured and sold that can take a chip and figure out the software that is in it? Much like what you are doing with the Namco ROMs. Do you think you could take a microcontroller and stimulate the inputs and monitor the outputs and some how create a duplicate of the code? I would think there would be a market for something like this??