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 John, Greg and I head over to a warehouse full of games in NH to pick through what he's got.  It was an extremely long night (got home at 2am) but we made it back safe and sound.

I was fortunate enough to score a Ms Pac cab (finally!).  It was that or an MK3 and I just couldn't picture myself letting my kids play that game.

I also scored a grail of mine.....
A 6-player X-Men cab in excellent shape.  This game has arguably the best cab of all time.

6 players, dual 25" monitors... this thing is a freakin monster.
Now how am I going to get that game upstairs???

To top it all off we got pulled over by the cops cuz my brother in-law's trailer lights were on the fritz.  Luckily he was a guy about our age and when once saw the games he only had 2 questions: "How much were they?" and "Where can I get some?"

Photos of our score can be seen here: