Freeplay for any arcade game!



The CoinUp 1UP device provides virtual freeplay support for almost ANY arcade game!
The device monitors both the P1 and P2 start buttons. If the P1 button is pressed, it will coin up the game with enough credits for a single player game and pulse the P1 start signal to the game PCB. If P2 start is pressed, it will coin up enough credits for a 2-player game and pulse the P2 start signal to the game.
Th CoinUp requires NO CUTTING of the wire harness.

  • Enable/disable via DIP switch
  • Selectable # of coins for 1P/2P game
  • Support for Sega vector games


*Games that are known to have issues with the CoinUp due to the game’s unique coin up circuitry:

  • Ice Cold Beer
  • Tac/Scan


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