A few years ago I decided to make an emulator to emulate the Fluke 9010A Microprocessor Based System Debugger.  My end goal was to allow my laptop to be used as the Fluke and make a USB<->POD adapter.  The emulator works pretty well.  I’m pretty sure it had the ability to read in Fuke Tape formatted scripts as well as RS232 formatted ones.  It’s been so long.. I can’t recall where I left it.

Never had the time to build the adapter, but it would be a fun project to revisit.  For now I’ll leave it in the ‘completed’ state unless I decide to pick it up and finish it off.

You can find the source on the following sourceforge page:



11/08/11 UPDATE

I decided to pickup the FlukeEm again and develop a USB based POD adapter using Renesas’ RX development board, in their RX Design Contest.  It landed me a 1st place spot in their USB design category.

Here’s the development process…. enjoy!