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Some of you may recall that I had the priveledge of traveling with some friends on a short-term missions trip to Guayaramirin Bolivia to work at a local orphanage. It was an absolutely amazing experience and during that time I was able to work on the finish electrical for one of the dorms (or 'casas'), some long overdue welding projects, as well as some rough electrical and concrete work at a nearby dairy farm.  

Well it's been a few years and I just recieved word that they are hoping to break ground on the 4th 'casa' this summer! Dates are still up in the air but right now we're looking at a mid-June of timeframe.

My commitment to this project will take a lot of energy, time and money. I can easily provide the first two but my resources are limited on the third. Part of the preparation for my trip consequently is raising my own support. For those who know me.. I'm not the type to ask anyone for money but I really could use your support and I believe in what I am doing and that God will provide for my specific needs. Once eveything is totaled up the entire cost to send one person down there and spend 2 weeks is around $2400.  I know.. this sounds like a lot.. and it is.  But keep in mind this covers everything, flights, living expenses, ground transportation, food, paperwork, etc. 

Also this time around I would like to bring by daughter on this trip.  I think it would be hugely beneficial for her not only to serve, but also to get exposed to the reality of how the majory of the people in this world actually live. (Not everyone has such luxuries as running water, electricity, etc)  So anything above and beyond my expenses will go directly to hers. 

I am praying for people who can give $20, $50, $100... anything really to reach that amount. Some of the expenses (airfare for example) have to be paid by me in advance with the trust that these donations will eventually come in.  Also I want to emphasize that if you choose to support me by sending a check, please write your check to "LIAIM" (Love In Action - International Ministries) and not to me personally.  Any donation you make is tax deducatble and I want to make sure you are able to deduct this off your taxes.  If you're like me and like to go paperless then feel-free to use the PayPal donation button shown below.

If you could help me financially in any way... that would be amazing, and if you just can't, I completely understand and would ask that instead you would be praying for me and my daighter as we prepare, raise support and ultimately head on over to Bolivia. I'm really looking forward to using the specific gifts God's given me to serve Him and these people. Thanks for letting me share my excitement with you and for all of your support!

Love you all!



Any donations sent via check please make the check out to LIAIM and send them to:
Adam Courchesne
91 Mercier Dr
Belchertown MA 01007
Any online donations feel free to use the button below:


Adam please enjoy your trip

Adam please enjoy your trip and thank you for making the world a better place for the less fortunate. My family is glad to give for such a great couse and a great person.